08 . 16 . 2019


Luis Poirot photography wall honors the neighbors of El Golf

The exhibition of photography taken by Luis Poirot can be seen on the construction wall of the Mercado Urbano Tobalaba (MUT) project on El Bosque Norte, as a way of honoring the neighbors of an area with which the project seeks to integrate harmoniously.


“At MUT we wanted to greet our new neighbors and so we created a photography exhibition that can be seen on the project’s construction wall.” On the El Bosque Norte street, 9 people, including neighbors and workers from the Tobalaba district, were photographed by the renowned national photographer Luis Poirot.

This is how MUT hopes to acknowledge its neighbors, their life stories and the places where they live and work, as a way of integrating harmoniously with the neighborhood and its surroundings.

 “It seemed very interesting to me, especially nowadays, when a wall is an element of division and separation, of no entry, of borders. This project is quite the opposite, it is an invitation to have a dialogue, to participate in something, so it seemed very attractive as an idea,” said Luis Poirot.

The neighbors whose portraits were taken, were of different ages, nationalities and professions. To select them, we decided to look for different professions, places and emblematic characters from the neighborhood, to ask them to tell us what the place means to them, tell us their stories and the attributes that they associate with the neighborhood. Then, artist Luis Poirot invited them to his studio, gave them a short interview, where he managed to capture each person’s essence for the portrait.

Among the highlights of the exhibition, mentioned by the author is the fact that it was a great opportunity for him to photograph people that he didn’t know, as well as, “bring art out of museums and galleries and onto the street, so that thousands of people can have access to it, “added Poirot.

At the launch of the wall, we organized a discussion panel with neighbors from the area, participants in the exhibition and the artist, where he explained the process, experiences were shared and a portrait personally signed by the artist was given to each participant.