08 . 16 . 2019


Minister of Economy visits MUT construction site

“In matters of the environment and transport, as well as helping entrepreneurs and creating new jobs, this Government likes to give priority to this type of project.

This Friday, the Minister of Economy Juan Andrés Fontaine visited the site of Mercado Urbano Tobalaba (MUT). After greeting the workers that are building the project, the Minister took a tour of the construction site together with Ignacio Salazar and Francisco Rencoret, the General Manager and Partner of Territoria respectively.

Everyone, together with the Subsecretary of Economy Ignacio Guerrero, toured the site from the entrance on Roger de Flor St. up to the tunnel that will connect the project with the Tobalaba Metro station, passing below the San Carlos canal, decongesting the station and habilitating two new exits leading to Encomenderos and Apoquindo.

“This project today has around 700 workers on it and will soon have 1,200. Once the project opens, it will create direct jobs in the offices and retail stores for about 8,000 people,” the Minister confirmed, as he revealed the capacity that MUT will have for creating quality jobs.


The Minister also highlighted other dimensions of the project, “Mercado Urbano Tobalaba has very innovative characteristics in terms of its connection with the community for transport, with the connectivity with the Metro and Bike Hub, which are unique in Santiago,” he said.

“This is an example of how these big projects that we focus on from the Ministry of Economy create opportunities for all sizes of new ventures. There will be around 300 stores that will mean micro enterprises, small companies, covering gastronomy, crafts, all kinds of things that will be located here, and that will be able to offer their products and create jobs,” Fontaine added.

Territoria is one of the initiatives being prioritized by the Office of Sustainable Projects (GPS in Spanish) at the Ministry of Economy, which seeks to accelerate investments that create economic activity and that also make a contribution to sustainability and the communities that surround them. Ignacio Salazar thanked Minister Fontaine for the support of the MUT development.