08 . 16 . 2019


MUT Team presents project before Association of Architects’ Offices

Fernando Flores and Luis Eduardo Carmona present MUT and its main attributes before a group of architects and developers.

“This really teaches us how to develop a mixed-use project nowadays (…). I was surprised by how it has connected with the community, for example, with its exhibition of portrait photography on the project’s construction wall,” commented one of the members of the Association of Architects’ Offices (AOA), following the presentation that Fernando Flores and Luis Eduardo Carmona gave about Mercado Urbano Tobalaba (MUT).

The talk was given in the context of “AOA Conferences”, an opportunity that the organization gives to architecture offices and projects for them to present the way in which they approach a specific initiative.

On this occasion, with an audience of around 40 people, members of the Territoria team spoke about the MUT project’s main characteristics, such as sustainability, new work spaces and connection with the community.

At the end of the conference, there was an opportunity for questions and comments, and the warm welcome to the project was evident. “You haven’t left anything to chance: the quantity of people and companies who are involved is amazing,” one of the participants commented. Another highlighted that, “it is a real challenge for the other markets in Chile.”