08 . 16 . 2019


Construction workers play drums for team building

Hundreds of workers at the Mercado Urbano Tobalaba project took part in “drum therapy” to increase happiness and lower stress levels.

The construction industry is well known for its high stress levels, with the demands to meet deadlines and international quality standards. Hundreds of workers at the Mercado Urbano Tobalaba site took a break to make an unexpected sound as they participated in “drum therapy”, part of an initiative sponsored by the Chilean Construction Chamber that aims to increase on-the-job happiness, improve team cohesiveness and lower stress levels.

Chilean musician Pedro Greene, who leads the program in different projects in the country, said, “Obviously, coming together in a community, in a team, carrying out work in a coordinated team effort, gives the person a sense of belonging and being part of each other through the music.”

Phase 1 of the construction, including 8 floors of retail, food & drink and entertainment, 6 floors of parking for cars and bikes and 3 office blocks, is set to be completed by the second half of 2020, and a second phase with its iconic “Tower 4” the following year.