08 . 16 . 2019


ADIA partners with Territoria

ADIA is the investment fund that belongs to the Abu Dhabi government, investing in international markets in shares, real estate, infrastructure, private capital, among other instruments, and has total assets worth close to $828 billion.  

The fund is Territoria’s current partner in the Mercado Urbano Tobalaba (MUT) project, being built at the intersection of the Apoquindo and El Bosque Norte avenues.

This sovereign fund invests in different countries around the world, in both developed and developing economies.

One of the main characteristics of ADIA, founded in 1976, is its long-term vision, which enables them to get involved, in cases like MUT, in complex developments that are able to adapt to changes and trends in the markets where they invest and to stay relevant.

In 2019, the Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute ranked ADIA as the third largest sovereign fund in the world.